●Color:White + Blue、yellow+Blue
●Material: ABS
●Voltage:DC 12V.
Dimension: app.10×1.2cm
●Working Time:4 hours.
●Battery Capacity:320mAh.
●Charge:USB charging line.
●Application: Wall light for bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen, Dome Light, Reading Light, Map Light, Trunk Light, Flashlight, etc…
●Magnetically mounted LED ambient light, car reading aids, three-color discoloration, long press dimming.
●Concealed touch switch, long press for 3 seconds to change color, short press the switch.

1.Tear cover off and stick the adhesive on the iron sheet.
2.Stick the iron sheet on the position.(Use the adhesion promoter if you stick the iron sheet on the vehicle dome.
3.Make the magnet sucking the iron sheet.

Car Light 1 Pcs